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Sleeping Complex for diffuser

Relaxation complex for diffuser and humidifier

  • Dropper bottle of 10ml
  • Complex of organic and pure essential oils
    • Sweet orange: aerosol, calming, sedative
    • Red mandarin: soothing, eases falling asleep
    • Marjoram with shells: rebalancing general and nervous
    • Fine lavender: facilitates deep sleep
    • Little bigarade grain: relaxing
  • 100% natural & organic
  • Made in France

Use: In diffusion for 10 minutes in an airy room. Suitable for babies and pregnant women beyond 3 months.

Price €9.50

Complex Apadpik for diffuser

Complex for diffuser against mosquito

  • Dropper bottle of 10ml
  • Made in France
  • Composed of 100% organic essential oils
    • Lemon Eucalyptus: mosquito repellent and mites
    • Geranium rosat: mosquito repellent
    • Lavandin super: microbicide and bactericide
    • Lemongrass: mosquito repellent
    • Douglas fir: environmental sanitizer
    • Clove: powerful anti-infectious
  • Refreshing fragrance

Use: 2 drops are enough. Intermittent diffusion: 5 min every hour. Possible in the presence of baby.

Price €8.50