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Motricity ring , Lex little...

It's really funny! These rings hold well and thanks to their tightly attached multicolored pearls that make noise when shaken, they awaken the attention of babies.

The ring is made of high-quality wood and covered with a saliva-resistant varnish. The little fox Lex is a faithful companion!

Price €7.90

Rolling rattle, Lex little fox

Small hands can catch this rattle easily.

When shaken, the babies hear and see the small wooden balls slipping on the sticks by clicking. With beautiful colors and adorable patterns, toddlers can discover various sounds, colors and shapes and drive their traction.

Thanks to saliva-resistant paints, this wooden baby toy can be used without any risk.

A beautiful toy to discover all the senses! This is Lex, who melts hearts!

Price €8.90