Babycup multicolor
  • Babycup multicolor
  • Babycup multicolor
  • Babycup multicolor
  • Babycup multicolor

Babycup multicolor


Set of 4 mini cups for baby from 6 months - 50 ml

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The first cup for babies and toddlers, made in England!

The Babycup mini cup has been designed to wean and teach babies and toddlers to drink. It can also be used to feed newborns.

Babycup helps:
- the development of fine motor skills.
- to maintain oral health by initiating proper use of the tongue and palate.

Characteristics and strong points:

- Transparent so that baby can see the contents.
- Reduced size, suitable for the baby or toddler's hands.
- Fine edge for small mouths.
- Weaning and learning 4-6 months to 3 years.
- Use from birth to relay with breastfeeding.

The English Oral Health Foundation recommends drinking in a glass or cup from an early age. Learning must be done at the age of 6 months.
Today, 30% of children have dental problems. Drinking by the glass reduces premature risks as well as caries. According to experts, as soon as weaning is in place, Babycup should be automatically recommended.

Babycup is also ideal for breastfeeding accompaniment:
Many babies can not be breastfed for different reasons and are expressly bottle-fed with breast milk or artificial milk. Babycup offers an alternative to the bottle for all mothers who want to breastfeed and the help of dads is no longer excluded now!


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