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BOBA Wrap - Grey
  • BOBA Wrap - Grey
  • BOBA Wrap - Grey
  • BOBA Wrap - Grey
  • BOBA Wrap - Grey

BOBA Wrap - Grey

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Physiological baby carrier : BOBA Wrap, carrying scarf

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The BOBA WRAP baby wrap: a baby cocoon!

  • For children from 3.5kg to 16kg (from birth to 18 months).
  • Allows multiple carrying positions: on the stomach, in the back or on the hip.
  • Easy to tie with 1 single base node. Settles in advance.
  • A simple and perfect fit every time!

No compression point, baby's neck and head, legs, feet, and back are protected and maintained.

  • Allows to practice "skin to skin" from the maternity
  • Breastfeed with discretion

Comes with a user manual in picture!

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  • Ability to wear in different positions premature babies, newborns, babies.
  • Comfortable for the wearer
  • One size, elastic fabric adapting to all body types
  • Does not deform even in intensive use

Each box contains:
- Boba Wrap Carry Sling.
- a matching carrying pouch.
- An instruction manual in French and image.
- a brochure on safety in portering.


Data sheet

5 m
Machine washable 40°C
From birth