Stroller awning with UV Protection

No more swaddles on the pram !

We have all done and regretted, some still do it and regret it surely: placing a lange or a blanket on the pram while thinking to protect our baby from the sun is a serious mistake!


  • Swaddles, blankets, scarves don't have UV Protection

While baby is in the shade in his pram or stroller but when placing a fabric to "protect" him, it is important to keep in mind that the fabric has not been treated against the UVs rays, so your baby won't be protect from bad sunlight!

  • No free flow of air

When a fabric is placed on the pram, the cozy or stroller, it very often prevents air from circulating properly. As a result, especially during hot summer months, the temperature inside the house increases considerably. A study has shown that the temperature increases by 15 ° C in just 30 minutes!

This can have serious consequences on your baby: heat stroke, dehydration, etc ...

  • Impossible to observe your child

In addition to preventing optimal circulation of air, the blanket or diaper placed on the pram prevents you from seeing your baby and therefore quickly detect whether he feels good or not.


The stroller awning is THE perfect solution to overcome the various problems mentioned above

  • UV PROTECT 80 it protects from the sun by letting the air through the stroller.
  • ULTRA COMPACT it folds and stores easily in your changing bag
  • PRACTICAL, it does not fly with the wind
  • WATERPROOF, it will also be able to serve you in the event of a small unforeseen shower

How to install your awning ? 

It's pretty simple, just follow the instructions :  

auvent de poussette

  1. Place the elastic under the hood of your stroller or pram

  2. Pull the awning towards the handles

  3. Tie the links to the handles

  4. Slide the awning along the links if you want to see your child

To orient the awning according to the direction of the sun, you will just have to slide the part placed on the hood on one side or the other.

stroller awning playshoes awning twin stroller diago

Simple stroller awning


Twin stroller awning