Your gift list for birth

Le Tipi de Théo offers you the possibility to create a free and easy birth list for all your gifts.

From the doudou to the wooden toys through to organic care, you will find plenty of original products, practical at low prices.

Share your birth list to all your family and friends on social networks or by email.

  • They are free to buy the gift on your list and have it delivered to your address or their
  • Or opt for a valid gift voucher on the whole site

You will know in real time the evolution of your list and will be able to thank your relatives directly if you wish.

What are the benefits?

The birth list is

  • Free
  • Without obligation: the gifts that were not offered to you are without obligation of purchase of your part.
  • You will save money: at the end of validity (set by yourself) you will receive a voucher corresponding to 10% of the amount ordered by your donors valid on all the site

No more unwanted or duplicated gifts!