Flaxseed heating pad - Stockholm

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The flaxseed heating pad is available in 3 formats to best suit your use:

  • Small size: approximately 20 x 15 cm, 250g, suitable for small everyday injuries and can be used as a cold compress
  • Medium size: about 40 x 15 cm, 500g, ideally for the lower back
  • Large size: approx 65 x 15 cm, 800g, perfect for use on the cervicals

Used hot, the hot water bottle helps you relieve stomach aches, joint tension or simply to warm up.

Chilled for a while in the freezer, it will be your ally to relieve headaches, cramps, sports pains, inflammation or bruises.

All heating pads are removable for easy cleaning without damaging the flax seeds

  • Hand sewn in France
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash at 30 °
  • Monitor the heating and check the temperature before use

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