Relaxation mask - Eucalyptus

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Flax seed Relaxation mask - Eucalyptus

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The flaxseed relaxation mask offers your eyes a moment of relaxation and soothes eye tension thanks to the light pressure applied.

The relaxation mask can be used in cold application (30min in the freezer) for better blood circulation, to reduce headaches or against dark circles.
It can also be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave (power 600W max) to relieve dry eyes and decongest the sinuses.

As many products in the catalog, the mask is intended to be versatile and can therefore be used as a classic sleep mask without the flaxseed pocket!

  • French artisanal creation; Hand sewn, the pattern may differ slightly depending on the cut of the fabric
  • Size: about 20x10cm
  • Weight: about 150g
  • Sold in its cotton pouch
  • Organic flax seed filling

- Do not wash the mask containing the seeds, wash the cover alone.
- Watch the heating and check the temperature before application.
- Do not leave within the reach of unsupervised children.


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